Quite a bit on the Age of Sigmar side of things this week with the first Broken Realms book along with the new Aelves Battletome- Lumineth Realm Lords coming this week. Overall a very busy AoS week following a couple with very little being released.

Lets hit Forgeworld's release first so we don't bury the Legion Praetors and then move onto the AoS.


Legion Praetors enjoy the most senior ranks within their Space Marine Legions. Given that these particular Praetors hail from the Word Bearers, it’s likely that there’s a sinister reason for their elevation through the ranks.

In any case, these resin miniatures hailing from the XVII Legion are full of character, with evidence of horrific ritual scarring on the optional bare heads and the script of Lorgar’s word on scrolls and tomes attached to their armour. If you want to watch Calth burn, then make sure your Legion includes these dastardly commanders, and the favour of the Dark Gods will surely be with you.


White Scars Primaris Intercessor Action Figure

Broken Realms: Teclis

The second book in the Broken Realms series sees the Archmage Teclis, one of the twin gods of Hysh, taking matters into his own hands to undo the damage wrought by Nagash’s Necroquake. The seismic events in the narrative lead to an inevitable (and long-awaited) showdown between the two mightiest magic-wielders of the world-that-was, both of whom have transcended to godhood and are more powerful than ever. To say that you should expect pyrotechnics doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Broken Realms: Teclis will be available to pre-order from next weekend as an epub, hardback, or as one of 700 copies of a deluxe limited edition.

Broken Realms Army Sets

Speaking of the warscroll battalions that feature in Broken Realms: Teclis, four new army sets are coming alongside the book. These sets – Invidian Plaguehost, Xintil War-magi, Mortevell’s Helcourt, and Horrek’s Dreadlance – include a selection of key units inspired by the book’s narrative, as well as saving you money compared to purchasing them individually.

Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords

The new battletome brings you right up to speed with the ongoing narrative of the Lumineth Realm-lords and introduces the Hurakan, the Hyshian aelves who’ve become attuned to the spirits of the wind.

If you want to consolidate all there is to know about the Lumineth Realm-lords, both in terms of their lore and their rules (including their full suite of new warscrolls, allegiance abilities, warscroll battalions, and more), make sure you pre-order your copy from next weekend.

You can pick up Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords in hardback or epub formats, as well as a super-shiny (they are from Hysh, after all) limited edition of the book, also strictly limited to 700 copies.

Lyrior Uthralle, Warden of Ymetrica

Hurakan Windchargers

Vanari Bannerblade

Scinari Calligrave

Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind

Hurakan Windmage

Vanari Starshard Ballistas

Vanari Bladelords

Scinari Loreseeker

Ellania and Ellathor, Eclipsian Warsages

Shrine Luminor*

Warscroll Cards: Lumineth Realm-lords

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