Quick progress report. The Monastus War Construct is primed and Ive begun painting the metal mechanical parts and the trim of the Construct. Ive got a little some additional details to go with some of it so the model's plates and other details will be coming next. I will need to glue down some of the top armor plate later, but the arms are now glued on. (the armored plates are part of the arm assembly and I will be keeping the underside black). 

Yet to decide on the primary color, but thinking a blue of sorts. I wont be using this model in 40k, instead it will be moving right into our in-house Genesys Project games for next weekend. Some of the playtesters are bringing some large walker based armies.

If you are just now checking this out for the first time..... This is the Monastus War Construct from Aphyrion's 3D Patreon which I 3d printed on my Photon S. We are following the progress from print to paint.

Here are the previous articles following its progress from printing to the painting table.

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