The second edition of X-Wing was just announced along with a few pieces of information. This is still ongoing, but is a good place to start.

via Fantasy Flight Games Twitter Feed

Announcing Star Wars™ X-Wing Second Edition!

X-Wing™ Second Edition offers full backwards compatibility with the ships from the game’s first edition, and players can use conversion kits to bring their entire collections into the second edition. #StarWars #XWing2

X-Wing™ Second Edition re-launches the game with three complete factions: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy — with the First Order and the Resistance arriving as their own complete factions in the first wave of expansions. #StarWars #XWing2

X-Wing™ Second Edition introduces Force powers as a major player in the game, allowing each faction’s Force users to truly shine on the battlefield

X-Wing™ Second Edition harnesses a companion app/website as a squad builder that supports multiple game formats, manages players’ collections, and enables easy squad building.”

"Conversion kits will provide everything you need to bring your first edition ships into second. In addition, any new ship cards and pilots from section edition will also be included." - Simone Elliot

Favorite parts of second edition:
Simone: Movable S-foils
Frank: Putting 5 years of experience into making it better
Max: Building it from the ground up and applying 5 years of learning
Zach: The app, for a truly tailored experience

Q: Is second edition a good entry product for new players?
"Second edition is intuitive, and a great entry point for new players." - Max
"We've addressed a number of ease of play items for first edition in second. New players should have a great initial experience." - Frank
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