The latest Tyranid release coming to us next week is the Venomthrope/ Zoanthrope box kit, that also has the Neurothrope upgrade model for Zoanthropes. Since it was revealed that the Neurothrope is a character unit, and comes with Spirit Leech, what exactly is this character, and how its it fielded. This morning we have some answers.

Please remember that these are still considered to be rumors at this point.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I have some more details for you on the Neurothrope
the Zoanthrope and Neurothrope have the same stat lines, and unit composition is 1.
The unit may include up to 5 additional Zoanthropes, and if the unit is 3 or more, you can upgrade one model to a neurothrope. 

Both are psykers mastery level 2, with the obvious shadows of the warp, synapse, and come with the standard warp field 3++. In addition to warp blast, ta brood with a neurothrope knows spirit leech.

The leaks are out, but the primary difference for the models is a large horn above its head, and some spiked blades or horns coming off of a protruding spine that arcs above the back of its head. 

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