There are FAQs up this morning for Dark Angels and the hobbit. There was not a lot of updates, but the Standard of Devastation and Powerfield Generator are two of my favorite Dark Angel items.

Here is a link to the updates, and Chaos Daemons were also updated.

There are also some Tyranid Updates as well for the new models being released. Thanks stephane4985 for linking us up.

Here is what was updated for Dark Angels
Page 64 – Power Field Generator
Add ‘If the bearer is embarked upon a Transport vehicle, the power field’s effects only apply to models embarked upon that vehicle’. 

Page 104 – Land Raiders (all), options.
Replace the final option for each Land Raider with the following:
‘• May be upgraded to a Deathwing Vehicle (p40).........30 pts’.

Q: The Standard of Devastation states that ‘all friendly Codex: Dark Angels units within 6" of the standard treat their boltguns as Salvo 2/4 weapons’. Which boltguns does this apply to? (p66)
A: This applies to the standard boltgun (24" range, S4, AP5, Rapid Fire), twin-linked boltguns on bikes, the bolter component of combi-weapons, and hurricane bolters. 

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