There is lots of questions about the new bases, as leaked images have shown Death Company, Carnifex, and new Broodlord on different sized bases. Of course everyone is out measuring, debating and talking about what this means. So this article will solve the question of what is on what size of base in the new Shield of Baal: Deathstorm boxset that will go up for pre-orders later today.

Even though this is very solid, please still consider all early information to be rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
3 new base sizes. I have the details of what is going on what size of base in the new box set.
Genestealers on normal 25mm bases
Jump Pack Death Company on NEW 30mm bases
Terminators on normal 40mm bases
Tyranid warriors are now on 50mm bases instead of the 40mm the latest
boxes come with.
Carnifex is on a NEW oval 100mm x 70mm base.
Broodlord is on a NEW oval 75mm x 45mm base.

The broodlord is in 17 pieces, very detailed, and huge.

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