This is really fun, as the latest has us seeing a new Blood Angel Codex, Tacticals, Sanguinary Priest, and wait for it.......... Smaug. Yes, no one really thought a Smaug would be built, but its happening. Also a new Blood Angel codex going up for pre-orders, its going to be a great week.

Please remember that these are rumors, but are very reliable. These are next week's pre-orders.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Lots of releases next week including some surprises. There are lots of hobbit releases, including Smaug. Smaug is extremely huge will be listed for expert modelers only. Of course he is going to cost you almost 500 dollars US, but this is a huge model standing over lots of gold and two columns with Bilbo hiding beneath.

Blood angels get their codex next week. The cover is an assault marine wielding a plasma pistol and and chainsword, overall a nice looking cover.

Blood Angels also get new datacards and dice, but more importantly blood angels get a new tactical squad with lots of options. Shoulder pads, helmets and blood angel symbols are everywhere. It looks like a full box of bits. Heavy Flamer is also in the box. 

Last but least there is a new Sanguinary Priest with with a extra machinery on the backpack, a blood chalice, and a nice looking chainsword. 

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