It wasnt long ago that a few items vanished from the Forgeworld site without notice, and I was receiving lots of emails from readers asking if I had heard anything of their return. This time around Forgeworld is removing the Siege of Vraks part one (IA5) for good as of December 1st (or until stocks are gone), and is giving the hobby a last chance to pick up the remaining stock of the book at a good price.

Here is a link to Forgeworld to directly get the book.
This product has limited stock remaining. Imperial Armour Volume Five – the Siege of Vraks Part One will be removed from sale on Monday 1st December or sooner.

via another reader on Faeit 212 (note that I also could not find the Hyperios Air Defence Platform.)
Also of interest is this regarding items no longer on the Forgeworld site. 
Have noticed that the Space Marine Air Defence Command Platform from Forge World is no longer available. Not sure if this is worthy of note but seems like an odd one to discontinue as it's needed for the Hyperios air defence platform.

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