The background and story is one of the strongest parts of the Endtimes book releases, and alongside it, novels were written to go along with the story lines. However, a reader has put together some inconsistencies that he found between the novels and the Endtimes Hardcover Glottkin.

here is what he found.

via Andy on Faeit 212
I just wanted to bring up a little Fluff inconsistency in the new Glottkin books (Just finished reading the “Fall of Altdorf” novel, before that I read the Backgroundbook of the End Times Glottkin).

First, in the End Times Glottkin, the triplets are called Glottkin (who would have guessed), but in the novel "Fall of Altdorf" they are called Glöttkin, just a minor diffrence.

Second, is a bigger diffrence, in the End Times Books, the Lord of Tentacles is called “Gutrot Spume”, but in the "Fall of Altdorf" novel he is calles "Autus Brine". I googled the name, but nothing came up with this name.

Third, in the "Fall of Altdorf" novel, the battle at Heffengen is also covered, but while in the End Times Nagash, there is a duell between Valten and Crom, in the "Fall of Altdorf" Novel, there is no mentioning of Crom or any duell between him and Valten.

There are a lot of minor diffrences, like the locations and details of the fights and duells between the heros, that the maggotlords weren’t mentioned at all, just that the third army was led by Epidemus, etc

Just wanted to bring that up, it looks to me a bit like the authors of both books haven’t read the book of the other at all (I don’t know who wrote the End Times book, since they no longer list the name of the author in the rulebooks it seems), and that the novel was written and printed before they changed the name of the lord of tentacles from Autus Brine to Gutrot Spume. Or someone just forgot to tell the author about the change.

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