We all know that Kirby is stepping down as CEO of Games Workshop as of January first, and with that some reorganization and changes to what we have seen. Including specialist games, Forgeworld, and more.

Please remember that these are rumors. There is also some speculation based on the information above, but please remember its speculation based off the information in the rumors.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
After the reorganisation of the Managment, the replacement of Kirby and the switch of CEO, GW will have probably some more little changes in the assortment:

-The number of limited releases will increase
-More classic GW games (Epic, Mortheim, ...) should be released in "all-in-one" Boxed Sets with limited run (like Space Hulk)
-In contrast to rumors that have been wrong, there is internally a serious discussion of FW
-There are plans to integrate FW in the core assortment, how to be solved is not yet clear

The following is a speculation by me:
-Horus Heres is very successful, GW wants so sell FW-Products in their Stores and the Webpage to increase sales, but they don't know how FW will Produce their range in higher numbers
-I expect an extension of FW in 2015 with larger capacities and the sale of products at GW in 2016

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