Games Workshop has a new secret message up today from "What's New Today" regarding the Endtimes Khaine.

The cast of players will assume their roles. Only through their sacrifice will Isha’s children be saved.

In other Games Workshop news today, Space Hulk is up for another launch for the Holidays!

via Games Worshop
It Isn't Too Late
Many of you have contacted us to say how frustrated you were that our US and Canadian webstores sold out so quickly. We listened, and we have good news!

We’ve managed to get our hands on a small number of copies, and we’ve decided to ship them to our warehouse in Memphis and make them available again for those of you who missed out.

These copies are currently on their way, and we expect them back in stock in early December. We don’t know for certain when they’ll get there, so keep watching your inbox. We’ll send you an email notification as soon as they arrive, but you’ll need to act fast. Once these ones are gone, that’s it. The warehouse really will be bare!

Here is a link to the latest What's New Today to see the latest secret message for the Endtimes.
Just highlight the bottom space at the bottom of the article to see it for yourself.;jsessionid=81EFF9582B5FC8605F5943FE2B5A1995

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