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Battle of the Five Armies Expansion and LotR.

While we have all heard that the licensing for the Hobbit will run out 2016, it will not be the end of the models as it appears that the LotR licensing will last through 2018. That leaves these models hanging around for quite some time.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW will re-release the War of the Ring Game with a Battle of Five Armies Expansion for the Hobbit Miniatures. GW want to use the Ring War Ruleset for getting over to the end of the Licence in 2018. A remake of the skimisher system  will not happening after the Lost of the Hobbit licence in 2016.

The "how to painting Citadel Miniatures" Book bears the Lotr Logo, it's not only because the Tutorials in the Guide feature no Hobbit models. GWs Hobbit licence runs only until Early 2016, the other runs until end of 2018. When GW loses the Hobbit licence, they must release a new Rulebook with only Lotr content and the Logo of it.

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  1. I wish GW would Bring back There "Specialist" range and things like Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest and Tyranid Attack.

    Nothing against LoTR or The Hobbit games or players, it just seems the LoTR/Hobbit takes up allot of there resources and doesn't give much back.
    I played LotR back when the First wave of films come out and really enjoyed it but after years of watching it stagnate and then The Hobbit doing nothing for any real Tolkien fan apart from being a source of outrage I think GW should of dropped the Albatross a long time ago.

    I don't wish to offend any body with this post it's just an opinion I feel many people have :)

    1. I used to play War of the Ring a lot more than Warhammer Fantasy and 40K combined as I already had a large Easterling army BUT in saying that GW stopped selling their £40 battleforces when WotR was released made me scratch my head as you could make a large force quickly. What they should have done is released the LoTR games as a new redefined Warmaster game than using a time-consuming system.

  2. Kind of excited by this. I'll probably get onto LOTR this time around

  3. Lotr is a fantastic system and GW should've done more in the stores to keep it and other specialist genres going. I currently have two 80,000pt armies yes 80k from the LOTR universe. bar the fact that the sytem is cool the models are possibly the most adult GW have done. Unfortunately the guys down at HQ think, like their counter parts, in the hovels near the locla coffee shops a comic stores that the LOTR universe has and, or rather, has had it's place.