Lately we have seen new book releases sell out within hours of pre-releases going live for both the End Times and Warhammer 40k. With so many people missing out, without a softcover release of these books, the only they would remain accessible is through digital formats.

We have word now that the books for the End Times will not only get a softcover release, but will also be an "always available" book, although direct only. The same will happen with the Shield of Baal books.

Please remember that this must be considered a rumor.

via alendrel on Faeit 212
Hi Natfka! I just talked to my local GW manager, who had just returned from a sales training event in Dallas, about the availability of Shield of Baal: Leviathan. He confirmed that a softback version of End Times I: Nagash was coming, that it is going to be direct-only, and will be an "always available" product, and that a reprint of SoB:L in some form would almost certainly happen at some point as well.

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