There are some images now spreading around the internet, showing off the book contents of this week's pre-orders Shield of Baal: Deathstorm, and the cover of the next White Dwarf. The cover shows off the new Blood Angels Captain and some of the model contents from the box set release.

Here is a link to the images, a thanks to aracersss for pointing these out to us.

Here is the information regarding the new box set and its contents, as reported here on Faeit 212 a few days ago.

Shield of Baal box set $125 25 miniatures, campaign supplement, and rules
Contents of the box set
Small Rulebook with Blood Angels on Front
Campaign Supplement -40pages
3 missions, rules and dataslates for each model, two formations- Strike Force Deathstorm and Phodian Annihilation Swarm

Blood Angels Strike Force- 12 models
Captain Karlean, 5 terminators, 5 deasth company, and a death company dreadnought

Phodian Annihilation Swarm- 13 models
Spawn of Cryptus, 8 genestrealers, 3 warriors, and a carnifex

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