Today's pre-orders were gone literally in minutes when they went live earlier. There were reports of people logging in the moment the Khaine came up and were gone before they could complete the orders. Other reports put it at a 20 minute window before Warhammer Khaine was gone.
The first soft cover releases of the first two End Times books was released today, but apparently only the UK site. (most likely they are on the other sites, but I did not see them when I first looked)

Warhammer: Khaine (Hardback) $66  -Sold Out
Warhammer: Khaine Limited Edition $165 - Sold Out
Warhammer: Khaine & The Curse of Khaine Web Bundle $96 - Sold Out
Warhammer: Khaine (Interactive Edition) $54.99
The End Times: The Curse of Khaine $30
Warhammer Battle Magic: End Times Spells $8

From the UK Site
Warhammer: Nagash (Softback) £45
Warhammer: Glottkin (Softback) £35

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