With a new trailer and secret messages What's New Today from Games Workshop, everyone is abuzz deciphering what is going on with the with the storyline. After all "God's Perish" is a very dramatic lead into the new book Endtimes: Khaine.

Here what was released by Games Workshop titled "Gods Perish" with the secret message from the bottom of What's New Today.
Over 6,000 years ago an Elven prince was denied his birthright. Now he seeks to reclaim it. The bloodiest, most tragic war of the End Times is about to begin. Be here on Saturday the 22nd of November to find out more.

the hidden message
The flames await the phoenix, but the dragon stands against him.

Here is a look at the recent developments by Andy for Faeit 212

via Andy for Faeit 212
Gods Perish

Nice title for the trailer, but what’s really happening?

What we already know from End Times Nagash:
Malekith gave the return order for his armies to defend his lands against the invading forces of Chaos led by Valkia. He sends Malus Darkblade and the forces available to aid Morathi in the defence of Ghrond.
Finubar is dying or already dead, that’s not 100% sure, at least not yet. Tyrion took over command to lead the armies of Ulthuan against the invading demonhordes.
Imrik is the only one who defies Tyrion and does not help him in the war against the demons and retreats back into his own realm to defend it on his own..
Teclis and Malekith have some kind of secret agreement. In one part of the End Times book Teclis is talking with Malekith about the sacrifice of Aliathra. Malekith is not mentioned by name, but he calls Teclis his nephew, what makes it pretty clear that it’s Malekith.
Araloth and his army were lead through a portal to a distant shore, wherever that is: Naggaroth, Ulthuan, Lustria, Realm of Chaos.

The new trailer:
Now it says Malekith is going to attack Ulthuan again after the demons have been defeated. Does that mean the invading forces lead by Valkia are already defeated? Was that the best Khorne can do? Or will Malekith split up his forces? Or will he abandon Naggaroth, leaving Malus and Morathi behind to fend for themselves and he attacks Ulthuan with everything he got in a last final assault?
But after all the rumours about a combined elven army list, the trailer indicates differently. Or they combine there armies and five minutes after the last demon was slain, they start killing each other again.
But what about the Avatar of Khaine at the end of the trailer? Will one of the named characters sacrifice himself to become the Avatar and save the World?

And now for the hidden message on the GW Homepage:
The flames await the phoenix, but the dragon stands against him.

Tyrion seems to be the Phoenix who probably will enter the shrine of asuryan and enter the flames to become the next Phoenixking, after Finubars death of course. And Imrik is of course the dragon. And he most defiantly don’t like the idea of Tyrion becoming the next Phoenixking.

And everyone wants new models, me too of course as a fanatic Druchii player. And if it’s the same as with the other End Times waves, then we will get one release with either two units or one unit and one character or maybe even two characters (Morathi and Malus, fingers crossed), one release with a combikit to build three different characters with mount (maybe Malekith, Imrik and Araloth on dragon (blackdragon, stardragon, forestdragon) and one giant monster release, like a big Avatar of Khaine.

But for now we must be patient and wait.

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