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Holiday Deals Are Starting

Its almost that time for the Christmas season to kick off as December nears. Some deals out there, and Hawk Wargames a few days back launched some Christmas deals that are worth checking out. These are particularly cool, because they are offering deals on picking up their new plastic starter sets.

What's nice is that these new deals are an excellent way into the game, with even more additional savings, saving £15 or more right off the full prices.

These offers last through January 5th. So any extra Christmas money...... Also coming up soon for Dropzone Commander is their advent calendar, where just as last year we are going to see previews of some new models coming out for the game.

via Hawk Wargames

2 Plastic Starter Armies, 1 Ruinscape, 1 Rulebook£100.00
Get your preferred 2 Plastic Core starter Armies, along with the Ruinscape, and the 1.1 Rulebook in this Christmas special price of only £100! In the notes section of your order process, please let us know which 2 of the following you...

Christmas 2 Player Starter Set Special Offer£75.00
Hawk Wargames is pleased to announce the Christmas Dropzone Commander 2 Player Starter Set Special Offer! In this Offer, you get: 1 x 2 Player Starter Set 2 x Small sized card KR Multicase with custom cut soft blue foam...

Core PHR Starter Army (In Plastic) and KR Half Case£45.00

Core Shaltari Starter Army (In Plastic) and KR Half Case£45.00

Core UCM Starter Army (In Plastic) and KR Half Case£45.00

Core Scourge Starter Army (In Plastic) and KR Half Case£45.00

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  1. Will the previews be of the new spaceship game? Hope so.

    1. I am hoping to get more info on that soon. I'm really looking forward to that game

  2. Replies
    1. I don't believe Resistance has a starter box.

    2. They have a starter box, just not in plastic.

  3. I think my main question would be could you get two starters of the same army in the first deal. I would imagine you can, and that would be a great way to start a new army.

    1. That would be a pretty stellar deal in and of itself: Starters at a discount if you buy two.

    2. I just confirmed with Hawk Wargames that yes, you can get two of the same starter box to really get a good jump on an army.