There are quite a few items missing off of the Games Workshop site for Blood Angels. Of course this could very well indicate that we are going to be seeing new releases for these models. However, it could also mean that we are just seeing some rebasing or even repackaging of new kits.

Its also interesting that I had a couple reports that Shield of Baal: Deathstorm had sold out. It looks like it is in the US, but still available in the UK.

Lets take a brief look at some of the things that are missing, and if I missed anything I will add it to the list from the comment section.

There are currently only 18 items on the US GW webstore right now, and Deathcompany is the biggest missing item.

Missing from the Blood Angels section of the GW Webstore
Sanguinary Guard
Sanguinary Priest

What am I missing here......?

Remember next week we are going to be seeing a new Blood Angels Tactical Squad, Sanguinary Priest, and Codex. Rumors say that a Blood Angel Terminator box will follow soon, along with a special character.

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