Only available while stocks last, and only two of each per order, Games Workshop has released small format codices for several armies. These are small hardback books measuring 148x203mm (or approx 6x8).

Personally I like these books this size, and as they would be easier for transport.

The softcover End Times books have already been released last week on the UK Games Workshop webstore, and finally we have them in the US store.

via GW
Only available while stocks last! Measuring 148x203mm it contains the complete contents of Codex: Space Marines but in a smaller, more portable form. It also just so happens to fit in most Christmas stockings...

Codex: Space Marines - Small Format $49.50
Codex: Chaos Space Marines - Small Format $41
Codex: Tyranids - Small Format $41
Codex: Astra Militarum - Small Format $41
Codex: Tau Empire - Small Format $41
Codex: Chaos Daemons - Small Format $41
Codex: Eldar - Small Format $41
Codex: Dark Angels - Small Format $41
Codex: Imperial Knights - Small Format $33

Warhammer Nagash- softback $74.25
Warhammer Glottkin- softback $58

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