The hints for next week include two phrases that matter, Will the Shield Worlds Stand, and War in the Depths of Phodia. Now I have dug around and cant really figure out what Phodia is, perhaps it is a new world, or hive world we have not yet heard about.

the image above is a released image from what's new today.

You can see the leaked images of next week's hints at. There are also some images of the new Hobbit releases on these sites as well.

The shield worlds however most likely revolve around the Shield of Baal, but could be talking about the Shield Worlds where The Dark Angels and Night Lords have a history of conflict. I am thinking its still referring to the Shield Worlds of Baal, and that this is just a re-use of the name Shield Worlds.
via Peter at Talkwargaming
Historically the Shield Worlds were where the Dark Angels were campaigning during the Horus Heresy. The Night Lords were also involved as Horus sent them to intercept them. Could this be a hint at Dark Angels or even Night Lords getting revisited?

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