Smaug is coming. To be able to field him in some sort of game would just be a ton of fun. Im not sure how often this would happen, but a fully painted Smaug and Town Militia fighting it out would be fantastic to see. However, we would need rules for this to happen........

Rules for Smaug are coming.

Please remember that this is early information, and must be considered rumors. It is from a very solid source. Just in case you just got here to Faeit 212, Smaug is coming up next week for pre-orders. Smaug: 1 miniature (online only) $490 USD

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
at the end of the Smaug article in the White Dwarf it's written that full rules for him will be included in White Dwarf 46 in a free supplement.

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