Well, I just had my first match up with the new Eldar codex, and it took a lot of time to figure out how and what to field with this new codex. So I settled on a little bit of everything I really wanted to try.

Here is my list or at least a lot of it.
2 Farseers
4 Wave Serpents with Holofields
2 Firedragon Units of 5 with exarch and fire pike
2 Dire Avenger units of 5
6 Windrider Jetbike squads of 3 with Cannon upgrade
1 Crimson Hunter
1 Wraithknight
3 Wraithlords

Granted a lot of this was not very cohesive, I really wanted to get a Wraithknight onto the tabletop alongside some of his lesser kin for anti-tank support. I also just had to get the Wave Serpents up and see if they are really worth their points and test out those new shields/guns.

I was not completely sure what I was going to face, and ended up fighting a Chaos Daemon flying circus of Tzeentch.

Now I am going to say now, that Eldar really do not deal with flyers well to be begin with. By that I mean in list building you are looking at Dark Reapers which are stuck in the heavy slot where there is a ton of fun stuff to use. I do not care for S7 flakk missiles, which leaves you with very little options left.... the new flyers in your fast attack slot.

Now the Crimson Hunter excels in this area, and was able to fight in the skies with some extreme precision. At 160pts I thought the flyer performed well last night, even against monstrous creatures and some poor rolling. I am thinking that bumping it up to BS 5 would even be better considering that when you fire your flyers with Eldar, you need every shot you can to be the most effective. You just do not have enough anti-flyer options without reverting to allies. That being said, 2-3 of these right now seems ideal in my thoughts.

The Wave Serpent rocks. I loaded it up with a Scatter Laser, and holofields. That gave me a 4 Scatter laser shots, 3 shuriken cannon shots, and the d6+1 serpent shields. Once a scatter laser hits, with laser lock I was ripping deeply into the enemy lines with up to 14 shots. It was crazy fun with 4 Wave Serpents on the field.

Windrider Jetbikes. Just wow where these a fun, space marines but on crack fast unit running around the field. I will admit though that I failed every assault roll all night trying to finish off straggling units. That was 9 failed assaults that I can recall. However, these jetbikes were just fantastic moving 12 shooting and then moving back or elsewhere during the assault phase, or turbo boosting across the field at breakneck speeds. These units were flexible, and where able to reach anywhere I needed on the board. They are just extremely inexpensive, and I want to use more of them.

Wraithknight. Of course he was hard to use in the game against so many flying monstrous creatures. They just did not want to come down and fight. With no tanks, this guy did well at taking damage, and did very little in return for his point investment. I am hoping he does much better this weekend.

By far my Waveserpents were expensive, but were the MVP of the games just ahead of the bikes.

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