This is a fantastic model that we have seen before at Forgeworld's open day, or perhaps it was Games Day...., I do not recall off the top of my head.  But wow, this is a an awesome model.

This guy is up now for pre-orders and will be available on the 28th of June. I have included a pic of  our favorite poor victim to give you a sense of scale for this model. Of course there is a link to place your orders or to view more images.

The rules for this beast and its game information can be found in the Monstrous Arcanum. While the model was designed by Trish Carden.

via Warhammer Forge
The seas of the Old World are home to many dark horrors, not least of which are the dreaded Merwyrms. These ancient creatures stalk the depths of the ocean in search of prey, propelled at great speed by their long tail and sinuous body.


  1. Anybody else notice the spelling error/type-o right away?

  2. Are they just throwing crap together? Why arent they concentrating on more Chaos Dwarf stuff?

    1. They are currently working on the monsters from the Storm of Magic expansion. They should return to Chaos Dwarfs as soon as they release more of the SOM creatures.

  3. Merwrym!!! Lmao, wow quality checking have all been fired or what;

  4. Looks pretty nifty. Are these picked as extra units for an army or are they a random/GM 3rd party on the field?


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