Many of you that follow this site have some idea of what Valhalla is, and know that I recently attended the May event. Well its coming around again, as the Summer Valhalla is right around the corner in August.

Above is a pic of the start of one of my games there. Just too much fun.

This Valhalla is going to make the last one look tame with its list of guests. Valhalla is one of those exciting events where you get to speak to those that work in the industry, from Corvus Belli, Golden Daemon winners, and much more.

The primary thing about Valhalla, and I will be talking more about here in the near future, is that you are not sitting down with these people in a convention type formal setting, you are instead really just hanging out with them. By this I mean, you get to talk shop (because we all love to) sitting around the breakfast table, lunch, demos, or just hanging out in the hot tub.

The funny part, is I almost forgot that you get to play a ton of games. The gaming hall is huge, and there are tons of tables with games going on at all hours, even late in to the night.

I am going to leave a few pics here, because I have a ton. If anyone has any questions about this event, please ask me, because its very much worth going to, more so than many other events.

via Shawn at Btp
Summer Valhalla is coming. Valhalla is a six day wargaming convention paradise (August 26-31) set in the scenic mountains of Utah, hosted by Blue Table Painting. You pick up your ticket and we take care of the rest.

On top of the regular day and night mini wargaming and food, this August we are featuring the following guests and activities:
We will have boardgame give-aways from Coolmini as well as demos of their popular games, painted up by BTP.
Corvus Belli, the makers of Infinity, will be out with swag models, demos, and specialty scenarios.
Nathan McDyer, a producer from Bethesda, the makers of Skyrim, will be out with give-aways and a mini-seminar on how to break into the video game industry.
Battlefoam will represent with swag and demos of their new game Wild West Exodus.
We will be holding a painting clinic with BTP’s own Ben and Karen as well as a guest Golden Daemon winner (TBA).

We have a special running: a two room deluxe suite kitted out for a gaming group of six friends at a special rate.

Going to Summer Valhalla?
jdwelch62 a long time reader here at Faeit 212 is going to the August event, and has started a blog about his road to get there. You can find it and talk to him directly there.....

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