A lot is happening in the world of Dark Age. It is a fantastic skirmish game that I thoroughly enjoy the heck out of, and a new book is coming our way. In it will be at least one new faction..... did I say too much?

I will have more on that very soon, but for now here is a sneak peak of the new Worm Sheperd. (the new unit cards look nice)

Worm Shepherd
“He cares for them as children… But like any Skarrd parent he has no qualms sending them to die.”

As the twisted genius of the Grafters evolves, embedding itself ever further into what passes for culture amongst the Skarrd, it should come as no surprise that certain of them would develop affinities for other elements of the Skarrd life, and become vulnerable to some of the common Skarrd mutations. So it was that one day, a Grafter was found to be cackling in a manner perhaps a bit more crazed than was common. Among these maniacs in a sea of madness, how does one qualify any specific manifestation of insanity? Perhaps when his physical form began to waste thin and wiry? Or when he began decorating himself with scavenged bits of bone? Even within the Skarrd, the implications of a Bone Doc Grafter seemed dire. The combination of those skill sets was potentially volatile even by their standards, and none knew if it would herald a new pecking order amongst the followers of the Cults, or if newly-empowered hybrids would challenge the Fathers for leadership of the tribes. The particular psychology of both the Bone Docs and the Grafters, however, combined to create a new breed of Skarrd with the eerie command presence of the former and the single-minded obsessions of the latter. Somehow, the psychogenic abilities of the Bone Doc mutation had permitted this mongrel creature to impose his will on the nearly mindless drillheads.

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