Apocalypse is being released for 6th edition July 6th, which is right around the corner. We have all seen the latest leaked pictures, however Faeit 212 was just coming back up when these were leaked out. I thought it was time to get the information all put together in one place, as this is looking to be an exciting release.

The pic above is a conversion (built by Mr. Pink at Modern Synthesist), and not a GW model

Apocalypse was very much indeed in need of an update, its rules often did not work, and as a result there were a lot of people just not interested in playing it. Since I am a fan of big games, this will be welcome supplement to have updated for 6th edition.

Here are a collection of rumors and pic leaks

via an anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
I am getting small bits of information regarding the Apocalypse Supplement release.

Only the Imperial Guard and Orks are not getting an a new Apocalypse vehicle, but they could be getting new apoc aircraft. It seems so that all armies will have 1 apoc vehicle and 1 aircraft.

We should be seeing a FW apoc book same month as GW apoc release covering all vehicles and aircraft from previous apoc books

Leaked Pics can be found here on Dakka Dakka

via Bols Lounge
New Apocalypse slated for July 2013
Rumored models are:

A large Imperial Walker, (smaller than a warhound titan)
Possible Chaos Variant (might have been mistaken for the Lord of Battles)

Missing plastic models known to be created but possibly held back for the Apocalypse release:
-Eldar Bomber
-Eldar "large hover tank"
-IG Hydra
-IG Medusa/Colossus
-Tyranid Harpy

The latest Apocalypse bits.
A Chaos Khorne Lord of Battles:
-A large chaos vehicle from EPIC with a large tracked body, and a giant mechanical torso of a warrior of khorne. One hand holds a colossal chain axe, the other is a large gatling barrelled weapon. A gigantic daemon engine on par with a scout titan.

A large flying Necron "Megalith"
-An oversized Monolith shaped vehicle on a flying stand that can "open up" into its four corners, with internal attachments to reveal a central spherical set of internal machinery.

Back in March we had this rumor about the dominatrix
Tyranid Dominatrix
It looks like a tyrant, but with more legs.... does not look like the old epic model.
WS8 BS4 S6 T6 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv3+

Follow the link for more playtest rules on it.

Beyond this we have had rumors of the Dark Eldar Voidraven and Imperial Guard Hydra coming for some time. Its hard to say right now what will be released alongside the Apocalypse supplement, but one little pun to keep in mind...... It will be big.

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