The new site is about 90% ready for launch, and I have been practicing getting posts up on it. Very soon we will go ahead with this, and make the switch over. There is still some work being done, but here is what to expect at launch.

Faeit 212
For the most part, the site on the outside will look and work much like the old site. This will just make it easy for every one to view the new site without having to figure out where everything is or has moved to. Most of the work that has been time consuming has been on the inner workings of the site, and how I use it from this end.

New way to navigate between games systems will be in place, so that will be a simple click to get the news only from the game systems that you are interested in reading about. Of course the main page will continue with all the news stories that might be keeping you interested.

Once the new site is up, hosted and working easily on my end (there is a small learning curve that I am working through with drupal), then the real fun will begin.

After Faeit 212 launches and is running it will get tricked out. Meaning that we will adding features that are just getting started on, but here are two to throw down at you to get you salivating.

Faeit 212 game finder. This is just cool. Using Google Maps, registered users will be able to locate other users in order help find games no matter where in the world you are going. Taking a trip to Madrid, Spain? No problem, a system will be in place to locate others who are playing the game system you are looking for. Looking for a game of Dropzone Commander in Miami? You get the idea. Details of course are still be worked out.

Faeit 212 Battle Reports:
the idea being thrown around right now is allowing the community to post up battle reports. While I do not know much of the logistics of this, or if it will yet happen, I really want the site to be community driven with a lot of features for it.

So Stay tuned, there is a lot more yet to come, and this is your opportunity to mention features or things you would like to see on the site that would add to your experience here and the community.

Faeit 212 Community News

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