Malifaux 2nd edition is currently under testing is getting close to release. Second edition will be available at Gen Con this August and Wyrd Miniatures isnt stopping there, they have many new releases including some new exclusive models for Gen Con.

The above is some new wallpaper for M2E.

A lot of local people I know play Malifaux, and I have heard good things about the game and model range. This will be part of our growing range of games covered by Faeit 212.

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Both the new rulebook as well as normal and printer friendly stat cards are available to download here, all comments , queries and problems can be discussed here on the Wyrd Miniatures forums.
Look for the next posts in the Malifaux 101 series which will look at the changes to the core rules so far, as well as a brief overview as to how the factions have changed in M2E, do be ware that not all of the models currently available are in these rules, some will be released in M2E book 2.
via Wyrd Miniatures
Releases available at the Wyrd booth and online at Wyrd's store during Gen Con (Aug 15-18).

Prices and public release dates will be added. Additional products added as information is released.

Board and Card Games
  • Puppet Wars Unstitched
  • EBO - The Crayon Manifesto (Expansion)
  • EBO - Nerdfighteria Expansion

Through the Breach RPG
  • Fated Almanac
  • Fatemaster's Almanac

  • Malifaux, 2nd Edition (M2E)
  • Minis

Gen Con 2013 Convention ExclusivesNot sold anywhere after the convention has concluded.
  • Nightmare Tara, Herald of Obliteration (+ Crew)
  • A New Miss

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