A lot of shock and if you have not read the books (and even if you did), most of us are sitting around wanting to discuss this in more than one way.

So lets talk Game of Thrones for a minute. 
Disclaimer: Spoiler alert
(Do not read below if you have not seen episode 9 of season 3)
No I have not read the books, and yes, Duane, you did warn me and my wife at Valhalla not to get too attached to characters. I still had no clue, and figured some other character that was more isolated like Jon Snow or someone more obvious that would be killed or maimed. 

I think my wife was a little pissed, and in shock. We literally both just sat there staring at the blank screen afterwards.

A note on the acting...... very well done. The scene was dramatic and just jaw dropping. 

I have bought my wife the books, and plan on reading through them later this year after this season ends (at least the first 3 books). I think after this last episode, she will be reading through all the books so she is not so crushed.

Its not often in a series like this, that an entire storyline is just obliterated so abruptly. I am looking forward to the season finale, and seeing where things can carry on from here. 

Please keep the discussion about the HBO series, and not spoil anything past what we already know (for those that read the books)

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