We get a rare chance at an interview today, so readers, lets make the most of it. Today we have Mack Martin, one of the designers for the new Malifaux 2nd edition on hand to answer questions. He was also one of the designers of Dust Warfare under Fantasy Flight Games, and some of the 40k RPG books that we could get into after this interview.

Mack has a crazy and overly generous idea, to take open questions from the Faeit 212 community about the new and upcoming Malifaux 2nd edition. As he explains, he is willing to take on the hard questions, so this I take it to mean, he is going to be very open to the questions.

Malifaux 2nd edition is due to be released here in August, and if you are curious, here is a link to the post, although I am sure that a lot more can be garnered with a few questions.

Malifaux Fans, this is your chance to get the information you are craving.

via Mack Martin
RPG & Miniatures game Designer, Wyrd Miniatures
I have this crazy idea. How about we set up an interview with all the facts your readers are curious about? Collect questions in a thread, and I'll write you an article that answers them all to the best of my ability. Even the really hard ones.

Also, it's great to see you guys back!

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