We get a rare chance at an interview today, so readers, lets make the most of it. Today we have Mack Martin, one of the designers for the new Malifaux 2nd edition on hand to answer questions. He was also one of the designers of Dust Warfare under Fantasy Flight Games, and some of the 40k RPG books that we could get into after this interview.

Mack has a crazy and overly generous idea, to take open questions from the Faeit 212 community about the new and upcoming Malifaux 2nd edition. As he explains, he is willing to take on the hard questions, so this I take it to mean, he is going to be very open to the questions.

Malifaux 2nd edition is due to be released here in August, and if you are curious, here is a link to the post, although I am sure that a lot more can be garnered with a few questions.

Malifaux Fans, this is your chance to get the information you are craving.

via Mack Martin
RPG & Miniatures game Designer, Wyrd Miniatures
I have this crazy idea. How about we set up an interview with all the facts your readers are curious about? Collect questions in a thread, and I'll write you an article that answers them all to the best of my ability. Even the really hard ones.

Also, it's great to see you guys back!


  1. I would love to know more about the mysterious Arcanist Master that will be added.
    Also if they will be doing scheme decks.

  2. The basic Mal1.0 rules were easy to grasp, but the myriad of special rules added a ton of complexity. Where does 2.0 fall in comparison?

    Will every existing model be supported at release?

  3. How do you ensure balancing after the release?

  4. Will the rules for every faction be in the book or will they be released in seperate army books?

    Are there plans to convert the older metal models into plastic or will it just be new releases that are plastic?

  5. I'm going out of town to Wargames Con this weekend, so Monday I'll sit down and answer all the questions you guys come up with over the weekend!

  6. While I love the fiction, are there plans to release a summary book showing all the characters and stats?

  7. I'm a little unsure about the beta schedule.

    Beta released beginning of June, let's assume you'll keep on with it for one month, then two weeks for compiling, checking feedback, applying changes, then a month for printing and receiving stuff at your warehouse so you get things at GenCon, the supposed release date (that if you are using an US based printing facility).

    Isn't that a little unrealistic? You are crunching all the players feedback in a very short time, with no room for checking if whatever the changes you made are enough/over the top.

    what are the timeframes you guys are working with?

    you think you will get to GenCon with a printed 2nd Edition?

    I just think that a single month is a short period of time to run a proper 'beta' so help me understand what your thoughts are about it.

    Thanks :)

  8. Are the crews you have in the Beta the models that will be released in plastic? How long have you been working on the Beta? What made you decide to move to a 2nd Edition anyway?

  9. How will v2 be served? Is it going to be a single book with all statistics for existing and some upcoming miniatures or will it be split somehow?
    If someone would like to start playing Malifaux should he invest in the v1 books for fluff and all stuff or will everything be imported to v2 books?

  10. Mack is a great guy. I met him a few times at FFG EC.

  11. Will the M2 Rulebook contain any new fluff? What about the current books available, should I pick them up now for their fluff or will said fluff be available elsewhere in the future?

  12. Looking forward to this, /tg has made me interested in Malifaux due to comparisons to my beloved Necromunda/Mordheim. Though, considering this opportunity; I guess I might as well ask the obvious question: Why should I care about this game? What makes it interesting to me and my group, both as a game and as a setting? More to the point, what makes this game unique?
    On a slightly more detailed level: Is there a faction of religious fanatics with severe pyromania? Because I tend to play those in most tabletop games...
    Also, I keep hearing about undead prostitutes. Are those really a thing? If so, awesome!

    1. As a player I can asnwer most of these.

      Yes, there are undead prostitutes. In fact, I think there are two version now in first edition; the belles and the doxies. No word on strumpets yet.

      There are plenty of pyros in the game, but I don't think there is a religious faction in it. Nothing like Menoth or Sisters of Battle.

      As for the game and setting, it's rather unique. Style-wise its sort of steampunk/western/horror. It's character driven so the fluff focuses more on the characters than anything else. It's not like Warmachine or Warhammer where a lot of big things are happening and the guys you play are being taken along for the ride for the most part. There are also a lot of named characters in the game, especially in the Outcasts faction. Like Warmachine, you are required to take a named leader character with your forces, but unlike Warmachine you don't lose if they die.

      Actually, a nice thing that I like about Malifaux (not sure if they kept this in 2nd ed) is that you could lose all of your models and still potentially win the game because there is a max number of turns and the game is scenario based. If you complete all of your scenarios and the opponent didn't complete his but still wiped you out then you still win.

      It also uses a standard playing card deck with two jokers instead of dice. Whenever you do an action that you would normally have to roll for in other games you flip one or more cards from your deck and if you don't like the card and have either no modifier or a positive modifier to the flip then you can substitute the card you flipped for a card in your hand so you have the ability to try to mitigate bad luck on flips with resource management and the ability to bluff based on your hands or hold certain cards such as the jokers for when you really want them or to prevent flipping them at a bad time.

    2. Another nice thing about the game is that the points you use to buy your army have an ingame use as well. If you have extra points (soul stones) left over then you can use them ingame with your masters and henchmen for different effects such as damage prevention and bonuses for flipping cards.

  13. Here are my questions:

    Do you plan on keeping the flavour of the older models or rebuilding them from the ground up? I'm mostly wondering this due to the changes to the Nephilim family where they used to be able to grow up but now appear to be stuck at whichever stage you bought them at.

    Also, I was looking through the 10T and Outcasts cards and I noticed that there is no pre-master Hamlin or Misaki. Are they now just alternate models for the masters?

    I've also noticed that while Misaki is now a 10T/Outcasts dual master, Oiran are now pure 10T rather than 10T/Outcasts dual faction. Was that a mistake or on purpose? As an Outcasts player I would hate to lose my awesome in-faction lure girls.

    As a bit of a comment, I have to say that I like how I can now use my Viks/Friekorps models with Leviticus whenever I manage to pick him up. It makes Outcasts feel more like a single army when you can actually use Outcast models with more than one master.

    1. I've also noticed that the Viktorias and Von Schill are no longer mercenaries. I take it that one of the people working on the rules decided that they no longer want masters to be able to work for multiple factions?

    2. I just thought of another question: Are the starter sets going to be staying the same as before? For example, will the Viktorias box still have both Viks, Taelor, Johan, and Bishop, even though Vik2 and Taelor are both henchmen now? Or is it planned that they will be changed?


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