It looks like this is the beginning of seeing digital products on different platforms. This has been widely under reported, and it was time to bring it to the forefront. Games Workshop has been working on this for quite some time, and security issues with the other platforms I had been told was the biggest block. Now that seems to have been solved. Rejoice and prepare for more digital products across different platforms!!!!

June 10th it all starts. Rulebooks and Codices are on the way as well.

Here is part of the official FAQ from Games Workshop regarding different platforms and publications.

via Games Workshop and of course a link so that you can follow up as well for more information. (More information through the link)

Where can I buy Games Workshop Digital Editions?
You can download your Digital Editions in ePub and mobi format from

A range of interactive iBooks are also available from the iBookstore on your iPad or iPad mini.

Is there a difference between the iBooks, Android and Mobi versions of the books?
For most of our products, there is no difference, however, for some of the larger publications such as codexes and army books, the iBooks editions have additional features such as quick-links and interactive miniatures galleries.

Will all the codexes and army books be available as Digital Editions?
Yes, eventually. However we have a large backlist so this will take time, please bear with us.

When can we expect the Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 rulebook as a Digital Edition?
Soon! We’re working really hard to get these ready for both iBooks and other formats.

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