Juan Diaz, a fantastic sculptor who did a lot on Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and much much more is sadly leaving Games Workshop and heading home to Spain. He will be missed by 40k fans, but he is not hanging up his tools.

Juan is heading over to Zenit Miniatures to work. They are the creators of Kensei and Nemesis. Both are games I know very little about, but you never know, since I plan on expanding this site to cover more games. Perhaps Zenit Miniatures will be in our sights here.

For now we will look forward to seeing his Games Day exclusive model that will be coming up later in the year.

We wish you well Juan, and hope to see more of your creations once you get settled in.

via Spanish Team Forums http://www.spanish-team.com/foro/viewtopic.php?p=308707#308707
and translated on Dakka

via Juan Diaz

Now it’s official, today I have stopped working for GW . After 16 years of hard struggle for the Emperor, I’ve decided to try new horizons. Hatsetsut (nickname of his wife/girlfriend) and me will soldier on at Tiny Tales Studio (their own brand), and Zenit / Kensei gets a new sculptor. Thais (again, his w/GF) and me are thinking about giving sculpting courses in the future. (...)

There are still some of my Citadel models due to be released, the Games Day exclusive model being one of them. I hope you’ll like them.

Lots of love to all whom have followed my work in this company, especially to Hatsetsut for being an advisory/sculptor “behind the scene”, and without her help many of the models from recent years wouldn't be what they have become.

The sculptor formerly known as “Juan Díaz”

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