Juan Diaz, a fantastic sculptor who did a lot on Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and much much more is sadly leaving Games Workshop and heading home to Spain. He will be missed by 40k fans, but he is not hanging up his tools.

Juan is heading over to Zenit Miniatures to work. They are the creators of Kensei and Nemesis. Both are games I know very little about, but you never know, since I plan on expanding this site to cover more games. Perhaps Zenit Miniatures will be in our sights here.

For now we will look forward to seeing his Games Day exclusive model that will be coming up later in the year.

We wish you well Juan, and hope to see more of your creations once you get settled in.

via Spanish Team Forums http://www.spanish-team.com/foro/viewtopic.php?p=308707#308707
and translated on Dakka

via Juan Diaz

Now it’s official, today I have stopped working for GW . After 16 years of hard struggle for the Emperor, I’ve decided to try new horizons. Hatsetsut (nickname of his wife/girlfriend) and me will soldier on at Tiny Tales Studio (their own brand), and Zenit / Kensei gets a new sculptor. Thais (again, his w/GF) and me are thinking about giving sculpting courses in the future. (...)

There are still some of my Citadel models due to be released, the Games Day exclusive model being one of them. I hope you’ll like them.

Lots of love to all whom have followed my work in this company, especially to Hatsetsut for being an advisory/sculptor “behind the scene”, and without her help many of the models from recent years wouldn't be what they have become.

The sculptor formerly known as “Juan Díaz”


  1. Well, every time I look at Urien I'm going to have a piece of Juan w/ me. Dude pretty much captured the Dark Eldar en mass. Great sculptor. GW is losing a big one here.

  2. Well, greener pastures I guess. When you said Spain, I had hoped you were going to say he was going to be sculpting for Infinity... But no such luck.

  3. i did read a little bit of kensei rulebook, most of the rules, are clear and go towards the movement of squads much like WH fantasy, and ther is also a lot about the duel between 2 characters, the models are beautiful but theres only limited kits for the faction, but i know i time they will grow, specially now they are lunching a new kickstarter for the new rule book. The Kensei is basically samurai that has train their hole life in the art of dueling.

  4. Some of his models were beastly. Lemartes for example who makes other chaplains look like boys. Good luck Juan!

  5. Best Daemonettes and seekers ever

  6. Is anyone else reading between the lines here? This kind of story makes me very, very afraid of GWs future. All of the old guard are leaving: rick priestly, the creator of warhammer in general is gone. Gav Thorpe Im pretty sure only writes for black library now. Alessio Cavatore, after leaving the company, spoke on a 40k podcast saying something to the effect of "if you guys knew what was going on inside GW, you would be outraged". And now Juan Diaz? That guy could easily be credited with building that company's success. I know Im missing a few others, but I cant remember at the moment.

    I dont know whats going on over there, but theres a lot more to this than I think we're being told. I dont see somebody like Juan Diaz just deciding "welp, ok...time for a change of scenery. Lets go work for some other, much smaller, less secure company".

    Something is going on at GW. The stupid business decisions, the bull$hit corporate attitude towards customers, all the fan favorites leaving the company for other games...I fear for the future of this company.

  7. Wow, with Juan gone how will GW keep up with their fantastic new releases. Sure they got other talented individuals but will they make the cut? We shall see I guess...

    Now I'm very excited about this year's Games Day!


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