Its good news that for the most part the price increases will mostly be in paints/brushes and not in models. While June 9th is listed as the day of the price increase, I have been getting reports that the increase has already gone into effect. I get asked a lot about the upcoming price increases, and I am just glad that they are not going to effect the models or codices.

So take a closer look at the image above. I believe the prices are in euros, thats just what is being made available to us.


  1. Not Euros... 1€ > 1$. It looks like beeing in Swedish Kronor (SEK) or atleast at a currency very close to ours.

    Hmm...The prices are close to our current prices, so maybe its in Danish Kronor or Norweigan =)

  2. Looks like the red column might be the increase in eurocents.

  3. How about this ONE recent example:
    Dire Avengers went from $37.5 for a box of 10 to $35 for a box of 5.

    Please don't say there is no model price increase when there is one, just cunningly camouflaged under standard of "repack".
    Of course, some less popular (mmm, delicious '90 jetbikes) actually got slightly cheaper too.

    Please stay smart people, don't buy Happy Happy Box if You don't have to.

  4. ^this

    Everyone send eldar faq/ requests to gw pronto so they can get sorted asap. I want banshee assualts!!!!!

  5. Glad to see it's just a little one. They probably would have to do them if people actually bought their product from them directly a bit more though...

  6. Don't use their brushes anyway. ArmyPainter is where its at...

  7. If they increase any more, cigarettes and beer will be cheaper. Kinda sucks dropping so much on little paint pots with terrible consistency and fluxating volumes. If I didn't start with Citadel paints I'd jump ship.


    These guys were the original GW paint producers, based in UK tho. Not tried them recently but my pots of 'Worm Purple' and 'Orc Brown' are still going strong!


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