There have been reports that Games Workshop has been sold, and that the announcement has just not yet been made. Right now these are mostly rumors and conjectures, and since we have been hearing these rumors for years, they are hard to believe.

So lets assume for a second that the company is changing or been sold. Could this not be very beneficial to the hobby as a whole? After all there are many shortcomings the community has with the company, and this would be the perfect opportunity for some changes that could seriously rock the hobby and take it to new heights.

Please understand that there are lots of these rumors floating around right now. If and when something is announced I will have more information coming.

via Lokken on Apocalypse 40k
Now I have a yet unconfirmed source, telling me that the deal has happened, and simply hasn't been announced yet.  I have tried to tap into my sources at GW, but nothing. 

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