This is the latest I have received about the new and most upcoming Games Workshop release, Apocalypse, and what the books will entail.

This is a long time coming and keeps up with the heavy schedule of releases that Games Workshop has kept up for us. Apocalypse hopefully will be coming with a number of model releases, that will scale up our games to the massive level that Apocalypse games are so well known for.

We know because of the early White Dwarf leaks that the supplement will be released on July 6th, exactly one month from now. So get ready, this is going to be a big release.

Please remember that these are rumors, so salt is always required.

via anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
the Apocalypse release will be three books
-The Standard Book Edition will be 60,00€
-There will also be a Collectors edition, but no price as of yet
-A Big Gamers Edition for  200,00€ (Something very big in it)

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