Warhammer World is continuing its campaign event Vidar's Fate on June 22-23rd in Nottingham. There are several interesting things about this campaign, and that is first of all that armies can be chosen from any codex or Imperial Armour book or 40k approved units. The second of course is there are rules in the campaign for Genestealer Hyrbrids and Deathwatch units (called "Imperius Reavers Alien Hunters")

Could these be in the future for 40k? Of course we all hope something could be in the works, so lets take a look at what is being presented for the rules of these units.

Genestealer Hybrids
WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A2 Ldr 8 Sv 5+
comes mostly with autoguns and heavy stubber options

WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W2 I5 A2 Ldr8 Sv5+
the magus is a level 2 psyker that gets the powers dominate and puppet master automatically

The Imperius Reaver Alien Hunters (Deathwatch) are very much standard marine stats, with a gun called a Hypnoth pattern bolter which comes with can fire standard rounds, or a Hypnoth round S3 Ap- 18" Assault 1 blast.

For more rule and Campaign information, follow the link below


  1. That would be cool, I could dust off my hyrids

  2. I still think it's just event chatter, and not an indication of anything the devs are working on.

    1. You say this, but exactly the same thing did happen before Typhus zombies ended up in the Chaos book!

      (Not that it's confirmation, but there we go)

    2. I hope it's not in the next Tyranids codex, but perhaps a supplement like Iyanden.

  3. THATS what they have reduced Deathwatch to... Forget that! I still find Space Wolves the best codex for running a Deathwatch army, even if we don;t get the cool ammo rounds.
    Wolf Lord = DW Watch Commander
    Battle Leader = DW Captain
    Wolf Guard = DW Veterans
    Lone Wolf = Black Shields
    Grey Hunters = DW Marines
    And you still have Chaplains, Techmarines, Librarians and Dreadoughts to choose from.

  4. Ugh I wish Genestealer cults would just die...

    1. Unfortunately it's how they work, so...unlucky.


  5. fingers crossed for a codex Iyanden type supplement alongside the Nid codex. probably wish listing though.

  6. I saw this months ago when I was in Nottingham, I was very surprised and happy to see the old 90s Space Hulk artwork resurrected again.

    New rule for old units at an official event at the company's HQ. Someone, somewhere, at GW has cogs turning and I only hope it gets other cogs turning too.

    That machine could, potentially, produce a Genestealer Cult supplement for a 6E Tyranid codex...

  7. Wait - you mean they bring some of the cool stuff back and people still complain?

    I think the Deathwatch rounds sound pretty freaking cool - 10 str 3 blasts per squad? Seriously that's a large infantry threat range. Maybe ignore cover should have been added.

  8. These are rules that were released for a campaign weekend at Warhammer World. The event staff their puts this kind of stuff on all the time and these rules have been floating around for awhile now.

    I posted them on my forums back in March, but I think they had been around for months prior to that...


  9. I always like genestealer cults.


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