Ending the first week back, I have to say it was a little bit frantic. There is just a lot going on, with the new eldar release, apocalypse coming, trying to work on the new site, and the work going on behind the scenes.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial where I talk about the things that I am thinking of, rather than the news or rumors. 

Expanding the Fun
I have been working behind the scenes with great people like Justin at Cipher Studios, and Mack Martin at Wyrd Miniatures, and more to really take the discussion of tabletop games to the next level. More interaction between game designers and their representatives is a top priority, and something that I think is worth digging into. 

Not only that, but discussions with independent game store owners, professional painters, and more are all under the works, including of course the great articles with Reece from Frontline Gaming. 

Not to mention with the new site, a game finder with google maps (including stores where you can play), possible forums for more discussion, army lists, battle reports, videos and more. 

I want to reiterate that the primary goal behind what is going on, is to engage the community, and provide ways and means to for us to communicate with each other, and have fun. 

I am more excited about the future of the site, than I ever have been before. Of course I want it all completed now, as do many of you, but please be patient as things get worked out and completed. Nothing moves as fast as we would like it to.

One thing I definitely always want to hear though, is comments and suggestions. While some may seem like they are just dismissed, its not the case. I try and read everything posted on this site, and everything is taken into account.

Eldar and Codex Supplements
I am loving the new codex, and it has lots of new options for us. While I am still testing builds, there is a lot that I see for allies and for Eldar pure lists and builds. Of course I would like to see another supplement or two beyond Iyanden, but I can be patient for now.

I really do like the idea of Codex Supplements, even though I know there is a percentage of gamers that do not. The idea of mini-dex's/ supplements really adds to the possible enjoyment of the game, and just expands the options of what we see out there in games. Nothing worse than showing up to a tourney and a good number of people very much have the same army and same builds.

Battle Reports
I have been spending a lot of time watching battle reports these last few days online. Why? because I want to do more of them, and increase the quality of what is shown. So while I am sure that I have seen many of what you may have for suggestions, if you have formats that you have seen out there and really liked, please by all means mention it in the comments.

I have been doing more and more videos of late, and I will continue to do so. After my time at Valhalla with Shawn, videos are a little less out of my comfort zone, and rather enjoyable to do. Not to mention that Shawn had some good tips on being in front of a camera. Not meant as a plug, but Shawn is a great guy with a lot of love for the hobby (even a little crazy sometimes), and fun to hang out with. 

So in regards to future videos that do make it onto the blog side of things, I will start including a brief rundown on what the video is about. Reading through the comments I understand that people are reading the site from work, or other places where watching a video are not appropriate. Even technology or connectivity can be an issue. 

So my goal is to find to find a medium where the bulk of the article does take the place of the video, but adds to it and gives an overview of what the discussion is about. So hang in there if it takes me a bit to find that happy medium.

Dropzone Commander
Of course I am going to talk about this game. I just like it that much. I am in the process of getting more models, and then its time to start painting again. I have been dreading anything that has to do with painting since my run up to Valhalla, but now I think I have had a long enough break. So when time permits, I will get my Dropzone painted and looking better for some future battle reports with more models.

If you are in the Portland area, and having a hard time finding Dropzone Commander models, the best place to get them is with Chris out at Nexus Games, or at Mikes Comics. If you go out there to get them, just tell him Natfka sent you.

Farseer pic by Sam Lamont

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