A new preview for the new upcoming Kill Team boxset Pariah Nexus is up today. Lets see just how badly the terrain will be killing your men!

The new expansion is coming in March

Kill Team Pariah Nexus Boxset

Beneath the silent sands of planets long forgotten by history, labyrinthine warrens of dark metal and eldritch energies weave ever downwards into depths undisturbed for millennia. It is these tunnels into which you will deploy for the new ultra-close-confines combat of Kill Team: Pariah Nexus.

To represent the vicious corridor-to-corridor fighting your teams will encounter, this new boxed set comes with a reversible board festooned with walls and passageways to block your advance. In addition to this, a wide range of Necron obstacles are primed and ready to waylay the careless, from seemingly simple barricades and doors to arcing energy traps and temporal anomalies.

Using a suite of narrative effects – which can be used in any of your Kill Team missions – everything from strange glyphs on the ground to the very walls themselves can take on a life of their own. Often, this will be highly unpleasant for anyone unlucky enough to be stood nearby when, say… a swarm of nano-scarabs is unleashed.

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