What's On Your Table- Its a new year and we have many projects to show off. If you would like to submit what you have on your hobby tables.... send up to 8 pics or a short video and send it in to natfka@live.com

I've recently been painting up the Necron half of the Indomitus Box Set.
I'm very impressed with them. 
I must admit I'm really tempted to put together a full Necron Army on the back of them, but in the current Pandemic climate, I don't think that's really feasible especially with my penchant for Tanks/Plane equivalents.

Maybe next year...
However, with the advent of the new Kill Team Set I've picked up some Necron 3D-Printed Terrain, I do like collecting unusual, well made Terrain.
I bought three Obelisks, eight Pillars, two Tombs and four Generators from Hobbyfeet on eBay, and all of that cost me a total of £62.55 including UK Postage and Packing.
(I really recommend them)

There's a close up photo of an Obelisk and a wide photo of a Tomb and Generator with a couple of models for Scale purposes.


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