What's On Your Table- Its a new year and we have many projects to show off. If you would like to submit what you have on your hobby tables.... send up to 8 pics or a short video and send it in to natfka@live.com

Here is my current selection of completed projects from my table top so far this year.

First up we have terminators, lots of terminators, to be fair these have been collected over a long time but the banner boy and adding the last 5 terminators is the latest addition.

Next up are incubi, love these chaps but my lord they got a lot if detail, completed 2 squads of 5 and included a family picture of them with there older metal kin as well.

Last we have the orbital lasers, these are upturned garden lights with 3d printed gubbins I designed added on, simple and effective and should make for a fun objective to fight over. And seeing as I don't get to play games at the moment I decided to have some fun taking the photos instead lol.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for posting them:)

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