Qulathis the Exile is one of the new Warhammer Quest game heroes coming to the Cursed City.

Qulathis the Exile

After losing her home and family, she’s come to the Cursed City to seek vengeance on those who took everything from her. We hope that they’re ready for what they’ve unleashed.

In the realm of Ghyran, there is a strange annex called the Enga’la Weald, once known only to the Sylvaneth. Then the Soulblight came. Qulathis and her kin fought a savage guerrilla war against the vampire invaders, but they could not match the brute strength and the resilience of their undead foes.*

Qulathis’ clan lost hope and withdrew, seeking to restart their lives elsewhere. Qulathis, however, refused to give up and vowed to bring true death to the vampires, even though her elders expressly forbade it.** With her blade and her bow, she made her way to Ulfenkarn to seek her revenge.

Before leaving, she took an arm-thick splinter of the Oak of Ages Past, the tree sacred to all aelvenkind. Qulathis fashioned it into many magical arrows, the better to slay the undead monstrosities that haunt the streets of Ulfenkarn.***

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