Whoa, Archvillain Games takes on the Ratmen (Skaven) type hordes this time around with an amazing selection of miniatures. Check out this cool preview of what is coming from them on March 2nd

Archvillain Games 3d Printing Patreon: $10


Here is what is included

The Wheel - diorama - roughly 120mm tall
The Ratwatch - 4 x 32mm  
Slumrat Guerillas - 4 x 32mm   
The Plague Chanters 4 x 32mm  
The Shadow Molars 5 x 32mm  
The Executioner - 1 x 60mm  
The Rat King - 1 x 32mm
Gallows - 1 x 75mm  
The Broodmother - 1 x 75mm  
The Blind Bishop - 1 x 75mm  
The Bile Rat - 1 x 100mm   

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