Kill Team Pariagh Nexus and Heroes from Indomitus are available today for pre-orders. Plus we have a few videos of Pariah Nexus for you if you are looking to get the Kill Team Expansion.

There are a few unboxing videos that are worth checking out to see what you get in Kill Team Pariah Nexus. 

Games Workshop Preorders

Here is what is available today from Games Workshop for preorder

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Pariah Nexus £95

Kill Team Book: Killzones £25

Kill Team Killzone: Sector Expansions £60 Each

Necrons Royal Court £68

Space Marines: Honoured of the Chapter £89

Video Unboxings

Sprues and Brews

Guerrilla Miniature Games

The Glacial Geek

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