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I got bored of -just painting- so i thought i'd do it to a higher level and learn some new things along the way.
I've never done Chaos, skin, rust/ oxidization/ corrosion, blood or OSL before so that was fun (right now marks the start of my 4th year).
I didn't look anything up or follow tutorials, this was all an organic learning/ experimental process. 
The model was just bits i found leftover doing nothing (i don't have any chaos armies but buy random things at Conventions)

The skin was actually easy to do! Just bruise/ necrofy it with blue+black+purple after putting on some Rakarth Flesh semi carefully/ intelligently 
Oxidization was emulated by mixing paint/ Ink and baking soda. Blue+green for copper and Orange+brown for metal rust.
The red gore and green glow is just Ink from an "empty" printer cartridge, so i didn't have to waste money or go to the shop or wait ordering online.
The whole process was quite quick, taking only about 3 evening sessions, start to finish. (this is actually from early August 2020 tbh, and i got the bits in Jan 2020)

And now the former AOS Lord of Plagues has a Chosen Head, Flail instead of Axe (made out of Chain, Trophies and a Censer) with a suitable looking Chaos backpack. 

He's going on a hero base (one day) and will probably only get used once as a final boss at the end of an INQ28 campaign. Shhh don't tell my group!

The skills i've learned have made a real practical difference in my artistic ability and confidence going forth. I can strongly recommend people try something different and take risks to grow. 

(PS I've been working on 2 more actual full sized armies during/ since this build, so keep an eye out for more conversions and painting goodness. I'll give you a clue: Armageddon)


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