February is another crazy month for 3D Print Patreons starting off with the Makers Cult and their crazy good Prometheus Juggernaut. I have not yet printed any of these up but I have found all of Makers Cult prints some of the easiest to hone in. So far all of their presupported files have printed right out of the box, meaning I got them and did not have add or adjust anything for perfect prints. 

February Releases are available now. Remember that the Makers Cult does 2-3 waves per month all for $12.50. The 1st is always the biggest.

Update: Sorry did have one small piece that I printed and it was a little off. Not certain though if I had overcrowded the build plate. Still usable and not noticable on the underside of the print, but that is the only error I have had with The Makers Cult.

Part 1 is now live and includes:

Lunar Auxillia - Ogres                                           (ThatEvilOne)
Dark Crusaders - Berserks                                 (GearGuts)
Dark Crusaders - Gunners                                  (GearGuts)
Tempest Lords - Prometheus Juggernaut    (Garin)
 Petitioners                                                                 (Garin)
Valour Korps - General Franz                              (Brexitt)
Valour Korps - General Waldermar                   (Brexitt)

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