The Genesys Project 2nd Age Preview: Ever wanted to play something big enough to just walk through your enemy as if they were not even there? The Genesys Project has just the thing for you-The Gargantuan Level 6 Class of the Reptilia Domain that allows you to do just that with most incoming attacks being just a nuisance as you literally walk over and through both friend and foe alike. 

Update: We are nearing the end of editing right now on the Revelations of Genesys- 2nd Age.


There are new Classes available for the Reptilia and the most obvious is also the biggest and scariest the Gargantuan Level 6 Class. This massive creature stands above the highest of level classes for the other domains and is perhaps strong enough to take on the Godlike Paragons of the Fey. 

Lets take a look at the class. It comes with it's own size category for the 2nd Age and a hint.... It gets even bigger for the 3rd Age.

Two New Abilities for Gargantuans

Rampage: A new ability that has you walking through enemy and friendly models crushing them as you go. 

Nuisance Weapons: Attacks that are not strong enough are very much ignored by Gargantuans. Get out your biggest weapons, cause you gonna need them. 

Want to learn more about the Genesys Project?

The Genesys Project Revelations and Exodus is currently in Backerkit

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