This is a great month for 3D Printers... or a bad one if you are running low on resin and can't find your favorite brand. Archvillain Games has their February release out called The Trench: Abyssal Depths. Seriously an awesome month showing off Archvillain's skill at relentlessly putting out tons of new releases every month.....

Did you know that 3D Printing Patreons are do all of their sculpts in a single month? Talk about productivity. We know this because many of them are put out a poll to ask what Patreons want to see and for their Patreons put up WIP images. 

February Release Available Now. $10

What you get - all presupported!

  • Slaudrul, the Aboleth - 100mm (1 pose) 
  • Morklos - the Trench God base - 75mm (1 pose)
  • Nautindod, the Shipwreck Golem - 100mm (1 pose)
  • Chuul -  60mm (3 poses)
  • Merrows - 60mm (4 poses) 
  • Morloks - 32mm (3 poses) 
  • Morlok Priest - 32mm (1 pose)
  • Morlok Saboteurs (on Morlok Pouncers) - 32mm (2 poses)
  • Morlok Pouncers - 50mm (2 poses and alternate weapons)
  • Morlok Predator - 90mm (1 pose)
  • Morlok Big Bois - 60mm (4 poses)
  • Triton Tribe Leaders - 32mm (4 unique minis)
  • The Trench: Abyssal Depths 5e module (for the Archvillain Tier)

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