Wargames Atlantic has a new box set out- Eisenkern Stormtroopers. Its a sweet boxset of 20 miniatures with tons of weapon options in plastic making this an incredible value for what you are getting. But hey, its what Atlantic Wargames does.

Eisenkern Stormtroopers $34.95 
20 Miniatures

You get 4 sprues of 5 Stormtroopers with enough weapon options for rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, and more. This is particularly refreshing making them very useful for many different games. Lets look at them close up.

You get this x4 per box

The only thing you do not get with this box set which is normal through Wargames Atlantic is no bases. Not much of an issue though as bases are easy to come by and very inexpensive. (just be aware of it if you are looking to get these guys into an upcoming game and order your bases).

Ive been working in resin so much lately it was nice to get into some plastic sprues! The detail on the weapons, heads, and rest of the miniatures are what you expect, very well done. I particularly like the knee pads on the legs and heads of these Stormtroopers.

Heads- There a are great options for Sergeants without helmets in the pack, several (5) per sprue. If you are making a command squad this set up works well.

Legs- Lots of options, even one for kneeling. Mix and match with some heavy weapons from another Atlantic Wargames set. You're all set.

OK, yea, I have a thing for SMGs and with the shoulder stock on them these are by far my favorite look for these guys. There are two SMGs per sprue, unlike the rifles and assault rifles which has more than enough for everyone. This is fine for my uses, but it would of been cool to have an additional 3 on the sprues. However there are more than enough weapon options here and I appreciate the value that it gives this box set.

Some assembled miniatures...... These are sharp looking miniatures

Also for scale!

Granted the GW Base on the Guardsman is a little smaller. 

I do need to do a little clean up on each model before priming (triming and baking soda clean up around the boots), but these went together rather well with no issues using either super glue or plastic solvent.  

The only issue I had during assembly was chasing down a helmet that decided it wanted to fall to the floor roll away into a vent. Ive got to learn to stop dropping small parts. ­čśÇ

Definitely you can make your entire army out of just this set and mix and match with other items you already have or additional heavy weapons from other boxsets. Will I be using these personally? You bet I will. So as I get these painted up you will be seeing them again.......

Wargames Atlantic sent this box set in for review, which I had been eyeing for quite some time now. 

Next week we will be taking a look at another boxset from Wargames Atlantic. We have a couple to choose from and if you have a preference speak up in the comments. Next week options are Giant Spiders, Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support, and Einherjar (dwarves).

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