Here are a couple excellent looking skeletons. Hoping to see more skeleton releases along these aesthetics. Here is our first preview of what is coming for Warhammer Question: Cursed City

"Hoping to receive the ‘gift’ of the Soulblight curse, Oleksander Halgrim joined the traitorous purge of Ulfenkarn’s nobility. This did not go down well with his fellow officers, who bound him hand and foot and threw him in a sewer pit to be eaten by Corpse Rats. His skeleton was then raised as a Deathrattle officer to lead the Ulfenwatch, although he is now little more than a rotting automaton."

"To control a city the size of Ulfenkarn, an army is required. With no time to place ads in the local newspaper, Gorslav the Gravekeeper emptied the corpse-gardens and crypt-tunnels. Soon an army of fleshless soldiers were dispensing brutal justice on the streets from their stronghold, the Vharngate."

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