Looks like there are some good things for Necron Kill teams in this set. New datasheets, new weapons, new abilities, and upgrades matching codex entries. 

via WarCom

New Datasheets for the Necrons

The Royal Warden’s relic gauss blaster

The Royal Warden and all four varieties of Cryptek share the Living Metal ability of the Overlord

Lychguard and Triarch Praetorians (previously featured in Kill Team: Elites) now come with a formidable 3 Attacks apiece

Powered-up weaponry

Wargear is now more potent than ever, matching the enhanced profiles that you’ll be familiar with from their codex. Flayed Ones from the Pariah Nexus now have a armour-piercing edge

Dynastic Codes designed for domination

While the Dynastic Codes of the Necrons were mentioned in previous Kill Team publications, this is the first time they have rules associated with each of their main sub-factions. 

More tactics

Pariah Nexus comes with a whopping 29 Tactics for your Necrons to use, some old, many new. 

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Pariah Nexus is up for pre-order this weekend.

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